Johnny B Good


Hollering Woman Press 2020

A Review by Becky Ellisor

Billy Streeter’s fourteen-year-old summer adventure, Johnny B Good, inspires hope, grit, and courage in anyone who reads it. For older people, it reminds us of the fortitude that made America great. For young people, it will teach them what it takes to grow up happy and successful.

I first met Billy and his wife, Lynne, at a writer’s class in 2001. We all became fast friends and shared a common belief in hope, grit, and courage. We liked to write about these values, too. If someone had asked me, I would have said I knew Billy Streeter well. I knew he was a good and kind man, but I had no idea how he had gotten that way. After reading the book, I know. He emulated all the good people he met along the way.

Streeter takes you back to the 1950’s in a way that makes you smile and be proud to have lived it, whether you were ten or twenty-five.

The reader travels across the country with the young teen as he overcomes challenges and meets a variety of characters who assist him on his journey. He reminds us that human beings are inherently kind. Their circumstances can turn them to the bad side, only if they let their hope, grit and courage fall by the way side.

Thanks Billy for showing us how you got to where you were going. Thanks for sharing American hope, grit and courage with us, I believe he was speaking to the future when he said, “hell no, I’m not afraid.”

Becky Ellisor is a writer, editor, story teller, and adventurer. She has been a bush pilot in Alaska, business owner, photographer, and a political volunteer. Becky is a lifetime writer, editor, and mentor. Her core values are kindness, truth, justice, courage, and forgiveness. To learn more about Ellisor visit: and .

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