Listen Up!!

“All art begins and ends with discipline . . .” Archibald MacLeish

THE DESIRE TO BE A WRITER IS NOT ENOUGH! There are as many excuses as there are people who dream of writing. Everyday, potential writers give up their dreams-not for lack of talent, but for lack of discipline.

Screenwiter, Kenneth Atchity said . . . “talent is not a rare commodity. Discipline is.”

Discipline often separates the writer from the “wannabe” writer. We daydream about the money and the glamour of the “writing life.” We read books, watch films and television and say to ourselves “I could do that!” But somehow we never do. We start projects, but never finish them, either losing interest or just talking them to death. We have dozens of excuses: “I have to work.” “I have to take care of my kids.” “I’m too tired.” “I don’t have any talent.”

Q: What is this rare commodity we call discipline?

        A: Writers Write and they Write everyday! 

 Q: How does a writer choose to make this happen?

       A: It can be a highly individualized decision, but it’s a decision and a commitment we must all make if we are going to become writers-not “wannabes.”

Discipline comes with repetition. Writers Write EVERYDAY!!! At the same time you are mastering discipline, you are becoming more ORGANIZED! A writer has to organize his or her time, space, thoughts and material. It is having a plan. It is being able to lay your hands on the materials you need-when you need them. It’s planning your time and setting goals. It’s unplugging your phone and firmly letting your family and friends know you cannot be interrupted when you are writing. It’s reading and analyzing what you read in your area of interest. It’s making sure you get plenty of exercise. It’s having the right equipment and it’s learning to prioritize and sometimes say NO!

When you are DISCIPLINED AND ORGANIZED as a writer, you can DO the job you have always dreamed of doing. You can become a writer who writes every day in a professional way.